Destination Wedding Agreement

This letter follows our meeting during which we discussed your destination wedding and our professional role in helping you plan it. It is our understanding that, you will retain Modern Romance Travel as your Destination Wedding Travel Specialist for your wedding.

Due to our exclusivity, availability, and the amount of personalization each trip requires, Modern Romance Travel only takes on a limited number of couples for destination wedding planning. Our recommendations are based on years of personal experience and professional expertise. All we ask is that you have a mutual level of commitment to us that we have for you. Saving time and stress is just one of the many reasons you have chosen to consult with a professional Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Travel Specialist.

To ensure that we are maximizing our time and providing the highest level of service to our clients, we require a $500.00 FEE for all Destination Wedding Groups.

Description of Services:

As Destination Wedding Travel Specialists, our role includes:

  • Assistance while traveling.

  • Assistance in the choice of destination/resort. Modern Romance Travel will research and present up to 3 resorts and their wedding package inclusions based on our initial discussion and our expertise. Additional resorts, over the initial three, will incur a $50.00 service fee each.

  • Securement of the wedding date, specific location within the resort.

  • Securement of available group perks and amenities based on room nights and resort offerings.

  • Advice on legal destination marriage /or symbolic/vow renewal requirements, passport/visa requirements, and travel insurance.

  • Guidance through the wedding process and role as your liaison with onsite wedding coordinators and resort staff.

  • Provide you verbiage for your “save the date” announcement.

  • Arrangement of all travel plans: round-trip air, hotel accommodations, transfers to and from airport/hotel, travel insurance, optional excursions, and payment plans for the wedding party, and guests.

  • Role as point of contact for all wedding guests booked through Modern Romance Travel.

  • Notification as guests are booked in to the room block.

  • Coordination of honeymoon plans.


Modern Romance Travel is a travel agency and not a wedding coordinator. You will make the actual selections of wedding components with the onsite wedding coordinator or hired local coordinator. We will however, assist you with the options and contracts, and act as your liaison with the wedding coordinator, resort staff, and personnel. Please note that it is common practice that many resort wedding coordinators will not actually begin working with the wedding party until about 30 or 60 days before the wedding date.

Modern Romance Travel will make every reasonable effort keep the couple updated through communication via provided phone numbers, mailing addresses and electronic communication.

You will make payments directly to Modern Romance Travel. If litigation occurs, it occurs in the jurisdiction where our office is located and the winning party will be reimbursed for attorney and legal fees and court costs.

It is your responsibility to notify Modern Romance Travel of any changes in a timely manner. We shall not be held liable for any changes made by you that are not communicated to us. It is also the responsibility of the couple to complete all necessary paperwork and provide payment means in a timely manner.

We will use our professional judgment when taking action in regard to changes, weather, tardiness, non-performance, etc. based on the situation, time limitations and/or your wishes. We will work with you and the resort wedding coordinator as needed.

Term /Termination:

This agreement will terminate automatically upon completion of the services required by this letter of agreement.

This service agreement only applies to destination wedding and travel planning provided by Modern Romance Travel. This agreement does not represent resort and other wedding vendor’s services.

Modern Romance Travel may at any time and for any reason terminate services at Owner's convenience. Upon receipt of such notice, the client shall, unless the notice directs otherwise, immediately discontinue the destination wedding planning process in connection with the performance of this Agreement.

We look forward to working with you to make your destination wedding the most enjoyable and memorable experience.


Modern Romance Travel

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I have agreed with the above terms and conditions and engage Modern Romance Travel to plan my destination wedding. I agree if the wedding/travel is cancelled, the Retainer will be converted to a Service Fee that is retained by Modern Romance Travel. All tour operator, hotel, and air contract cancellation policies and penalties will still apply.
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